About Teri Rose

Hi, I’m Teri Rose.  Maybe just like you, I have a “work life” and a life outside of my work but they are both important to me and a part of who I am (if you’re here to find out more about me).

I had my own message and products to deliver years ago and decided to use the internet to do it.  So I paid a lot of money to other people to set things up online.  I had no idea what I was paying for and why I didn’t have anything to show for it in the end.  So I started learning so I could at least understand a little bit about it. I became fascinated by what I was learning. The funny part of it is that I learned about the internet to promote my own self-help coaching products but other people started asking me to do work for them too.  Before I knew it, I had my own marketing company. 

I love to use my expertise with online marketing to help businesses use the internet to get more business. And I love to teach the “how to” of online marketing to those who want to develop the skills and expertise needed in order to successfully promote products and services online or deliver their message or their own products.  And I love to work with clients and teach them how to find and get rid of the beliefs that keep them from the success they are looking for with everything from health to finances.  More than anything, I love to find ways to make the world a better place by using the various skills I’ve developed over the years, namely in areas of personal development, alternative health and marketing.  (I know-Huh?)

I know that the fastest and most efficient way to create change or improvement comes from working with your thought, ideas, imagination and vision and then actually taking action steps in the physical world. Studies show that there are measurable results that come from creating your intention for the outcome you’re after, by writing out a plan and then taking action on it. So I personally take both worlds into account with everything I do.

I believe in living life as if we play an active part in determining outcomes, because my experiences show we do and new science backs that up.  So on this website, I will be speaking my mind about the things near and dear to me.

When I am coaching and helping clients use tools and techniques for reaching their potential and succeeding with their goals, it’s all about the client. Please visit My Peace of Success Coaching site, Mind Power Training site or Use Mind Power and Intention Facebook page if you are interested in learning more about applying new science that shows beyond doubt, how powerful your mind, beliefs, intentions and focused energy are, and how they impact and play a part in creating life as you know it-business and personal.

As a Marketing Consultant, when I am sharing my expertise to help businesses get more customers, it’s all about the business/the client. Please visit my Internet Marketing Consulting website to learn more about those services or for a free consultation.

But here, it’s pretty much all about ME and what I feel like talking about. So for business and my more serious side where I keep my nose to the grindstone and focused on YOU, please visit my business sites.

I also have a website that is more about my spiritual side and the “near death experience” I had in a car wreck years ago. I do try to keep my spiritual side separate from my business side because everyone has beliefs that are personal to them. I respect everyone’s rights to believe as they do and I don’t care to argue with people about religion.

AND…it’s becoming a thing of the past as I am slowly rebuilding but 2011 was a year of loss for me and a rough one. Among other things, I lost my sister and then all of my online presence I had created since 2005.

Crazy things happened that are hard to wrap my mind around but as I was dealing with my sister Barbara’s death, my personal backups failed at the same time my hosting company lost the server that hosted my websites. The icing on the cake was that all of their backups were corrupted too so in a flash, a huge part of my life was gone.

I lost hundreds and hundreds of pages of content and many different websites and members’ areas with a lot of training on them. It’s a complicated explanation of what went on all at once and so many glitches happening at the same time couldn’t be an accident. I couldn’t help being philosophical as I looked for some kind of deeper meaning and reason for it all.

It did get my attention to say the least. It actually took my life in a different direction for a while and it has been an interesting road ever since. I’m very thankful that I have a lot of experience in the area of personal development because I sure used it to get back on track. And that is why I am so passionate about my coaching process I call Triangle Formula for Success.

I’m glad to have 2011 and a few of the years leading up to it behind me but I see that tough times also have a way of pushing people to reach new heights. I added many new tools and techniques to my arsenal during that time and personal experience with them improves my ability to help my coaching clients even more.

So it’s on with life and new adventures…

Some of my other interests are animals, especially horses and dogs. I love music, the mountains, log homes and doing just about anything that involves nature. That’s my dog Beau in the picture on a fabulous day in the mountains in 2007. It’s now a wonderful feel good memory since he is no longer with me. Also, I love to write, speak and share my experiences and thoughts on how to use new science and discoveries to live an empowered life that won’t be viewed with regret at the end of it.

I didn’t like what I saw in my life review and got a second chance. So I want to make every moment count and at the same time help others who want to improve life.

I saw during my car crash, that in the end, Love is all that really matters-our capacity to feel it and share it. I wasn’t doing that very well at the time of my wreck. But I’ve come a long way and I’m happy about that. So when I can help others create more peace of mind and have success with things important to them, I’m thinking, “Ain’t life Grand!”