Turtles Galore

Pretty TurtleLook what I ran across Sunday when I was out walking.  I’ve never seen a turtle with markings quite like this, or at least I haven’t noticed them.

Everybody seems to be so excited because it has been so warm but I love the nice slowly changing weather that goes from winter to spring and THEN summer.  It just got hot pretty quick and I’ve been seeing lots of turtles as I walk everyday to get my nature fix.

Last week, there were a bunch of them lined up on a log and a big one taking a dip.  When I see an animal, bird or reptile when I walking, I love to wonder what life looks like from their perspective.  Since I’m always trying to exercise my mind and use it in different ways, I imagine I am looking out through their eyes.  Then I add in some other senses and imagine what the ground feels like and smells like.  I imagine the sounds down there and feel a blade of grass brush against my face as I “crawl” along.

I have a lot of interesting things happen as a result of the visual work I do for my goals and intentions and I think that this practice helps.  My brain is pretty good at imagining things that aren’t really out in front of me but only imagined and seen in my mind’s eye.

That ‘s the secret to having an impact on what shows up in life.  Seeing it and believing it and making it seem real to all of your senses.

So I love to play in my mind and imagine I’m inching along through the grass like the guy in the picture.  He took to hiding and will probably never realize that I may have saved him from getting run over by all the bikers that were out that day.  Or, better yet, maybe I saved a biker from going head over heals from running into this guy.

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