Teri Rose is an Online Life Coach, Specializing In Health, Performance and Personal Development Coaching

mastery-tips-250x143Teri teaches her clients how to apply new science and a 3 step formula to transform fears, worries and mental blocks into powerful energy. The process improves health, increases performance and turns what began as “thought energy” into physical reality.

Teri trained as a Life Coach with Comprehensive Coaching U and as an energy work practitioner with training in many modalities that focus on internal and external energy flow.

She is a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner-Charter Member and has also trained in the use of NLP, Psyche K, Progressive Mental Alignment and has trained in Tony Robbins’ school as a Strategic Intervention Coach, and more – all modalities for finding the underlying cause of blocks to health and success with goals.

Teri worked with The Healing Codes company, owned by Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr Ben Johnson (The medical doctor in the movieTeri Rose, online life coach, Alex Loyd, Ben Johnson The Secret) for several years.  She helped create a success program and all of the clients attended her 4 week online workshop series where she taught her process for working with goals. That information is now in her Triangle Formula for Success Audio Coaching Program.

Terri Rose incorporates the best of a variety of modalities and techniques acquired from more than 25 years of study, research, training, application and personal vision and revelation. Her online workshops, group coaching and personal coaching have helped thousands of people over the years.

She loves to learn and continually takes additional training to learn new modalities and techniques for faster success with goals and for improving health. She also studies the works of the scientists and great minds she admires such as Larry Dossey, Bruce Lipton, Edgar Mitchell, John Hagelin, Dean Radin, Rolin McCraty, Gregg Braden, Gary Schwartz, Amit Goswami, Joe Dispenza and so many more.

Teri has consistently practiced the simple techniques she teaches her clients to use and in the process has developed intuitive abilities that assist her in helping her clients. She also applies her techniques for self-healing and has had some rather miraculous results from doing so in several situations.  One of those examples is shown in her free ebook 7 True Stories. (Click the pink button top right.)

Teri coaches her clients on the use of those same techniques for self-healing with a combination of intention, visualization, energetic focus and spiritual Light.  Just as Teri’s gifts and abilities continue to grow, she has seen the same thing happen with anyone consistently applying the simple techniques she teaches.

She also encourages everyone  to work with their health care practitioner just as they normally would and states that nothing she says should be taken as medical advice. Teri coaches in the area of personal development and a side benefit is improved health due to reduced stress and a change in mental focus.

Teri’s greatest desire is to help her clients get a strong momentum going in the direction of their dreams. Her focus is to teach her formula for success and techniques that empower her clients. That way they always know exactly what to look for and what to do with what they find.

Teri teaches how to travel the fastest path to the place where dreams become reality.  It’s done by working in both the mental and physical worlds with a feeling heart, focused mind and follow-up actions steps.

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