Energy Healing For Powerful Energy

This Demo Shows Why You Must Heal Your Emotions.

Energy healing is vital and if you don’t believe me, watch Wayne Dyer’s demonstration in the video below. I have done a demo similar to this countless times to show how important it is to heal your wounds from past experiences.

BUT please don’t do this muscle test like Wayne Dyer does it in this video. I love Dr Dyer and put this video here because it makes the point quite well. But the amount of pressure he is applying can hurt a person. You only need a very light touch to muscle test. You don’t try to force things. You just need to recognize the difference and feel the break-down of energy that causes temporary weakness.

Why does energy healing work?

There are studies and discoveries which are just now coming out about the deep and complex reason why it works.  I am waiting for a paper that should be out soon from a highly controlled study.  For now, I can only say that I wouldn’t see the very unbelievable changes that I see so often, so consistently, if it didn’t work.  I literally stop sneezing or coughing or feeling bad very soon after doing my energy healing process.

I am fortunate that I took a video of my fingertip severing accident to send to a couple of people for advice.  Never did I think I would show it publicly.  I did because it is some pretty powerful proof of what we are all capable of. It is in my free ebook in my pkg you can sign up for on the right.

Understanding the point, which is the power of thoughts and the stress they cause, is what allows me to heal fast. So often it is within minutes of when the symptoms come on from a cold or the flu. Taking charge of my energy is what I do for fast healing of injuries too.

I know that when I am creating energy that comes from feeling positive emotions, I heal. When I am creating destructive energy from negative emotions, I sometimes get sick or have more accidents.

That is why I teach my clients how to use energy healing techniques for vibrational shifts that allow for healing.

Here is an article that mentions a study that showed the powerful effects of vibrational healing or energy work.  There are many ways that you can shift your energy and put your body into a healing state so your own immune system can do what it was designed to do- keep you healthy!