Entanglement: Fact or Fiction

Do you wonder if entanglement is fact or fiction?  Well, it’s a fact that it isn’t fiction and we are beginning to hear more scientists, such as Dean Radin, explaining their findings on the subject.  Larry Dossey, M.D. introduced the concept of “nonlocal mind” in 1989 in his book Recovering the Soul.

There are some entertaining methods of bringing awareness to the idea of quantum entanglement but it is still a fact that we are entangled in an energetic sense with everyone else on the planet.




Gregg Braden is a renown metaphysics and spiritual leader. In his movie, “Tales of Everyday Magic: Entanglement,” he tells the story of a young man who is disturbed by impressions and dreams about his twin brother’s life being in imminent danger.

Although Gregg Braden’s movie is fiction the phenomenon he highlights is very real, and very close to home for my family. In my book, “My 7 True Stories: Manifesting Health, Wealth and Happiness,” I share the true story about the death of my mother’s twin sister, which occurred shortly before their twelfth birthday.  Mom had a strong intuitive feeling and listened to it:

Mom was out with one of her friends from school and she suddenly dropped everything and said she had to get home to her sister. They took off running and just about the time they arrived, her sister passed away. – excerpt from “My 7 True Stories” in my free White Light Method Pkg you can sign up for and download.

How did my mother know that she need to get home to her twin sister? That question haunted me for years and was the catalyst for a journey that led to fascinating discoveries about things you rarely even hear mentioned on the news. And these are things that are earth shattering. They defy the very scientific principles that are the foundation of so many things.

Thankfully, there are many great minds who are stepping forward with their scientific studies. As more people take interest and help spread the word, there will eventually be a paradigm shift.

The bottom line is that with new technology that can look into matter, it has been discovered that although we look and feel physical, we are made up of energy, as is every physical thing. And all things have a connection on an energetic level.  That connection is what entanglement is all about.