Feeling A Heavy Heart But Lifted Up By This

I just received news about the passing of someone I’ve loved, appreciated and respected for a very long time.  I will always remember her for her countless acts of kindness and her bulldog personality in doing what she believed was the right thing to do.  It was a shock to learn she has passed and those things always make you think.

You can’t help but wonder why, when the world needs people like her so desperately in these times, she was the one to go.

I trust the process and know that for now, we don’t get to understand the reason why.  Obviously it was her time to move on to a new adventure.  I don’t feel the least bit sad for her but I do feel the pain and see the hole that was just created by her passing.  My heart goes out to those who loved her.  Her shoes will never be filled.

A trail of things that just happened led me to this beautiful song.  It made me high at a time when I was feeling pretty low. It reminded me that there are beautiful harmonies, rhythms and cycles that all work together perfectly. Just as music isn’t seen in a physical sense but is felt in your heart, we can still feel our loved ones in the same way.  That hardly seems like enough, but it has to do for now, until we are with them once again.