Great Example-MSNBC’s Editing To Stir Controversy

I try so hard not to get on a rant but this news piece really strikes a nerve. Now that the entire video is everywhere, we clearly see that the boy was being dragged around, banged around on concrete, face submerged in water, by a very active, agitated, powerful male gorilla.

Yet all thorough a long segment in this video, MSNBC chooses to go back and forth between two segments that make it look like the gorilla was protecting the boy. Now I can see why they were able to stir up so much controversy.

My greatest respect goes to those who have brought sanity to this tragedy by refusing to jump to conclusions and play the blame game without even waiting for the dust to settle so facts could be gathered.

Well, ok, all the sudden as of Dec 2016 this video isn’t available anymore. It says  the YouTube account it was on was closed.

But since that time, I have a lot more things I COULD rant about with the way the media no longer reports the news.  Instead, it seems that so often there is a slant to the reporting that is intended to create a belief or a movement in one direction or the other.  I have so many examples but I won’t go on and on about them today.

But I will say that this is the reason I continue to develop my intuitive abilities.  There is wisdom within each of us and our bodies give us loud and clear indications when something just isn’t right.  You just have to train yourself to turn inward for advice so you don’t get manipulated by people who aren’t interested in what is best for you.