Heal Anxiety and WorryI do health coaching because years ago, I made the most amazing discovery. The same formula I use in life, performance, or personal development coaching works just as well for health. Health problems often show up when there are other stressful things going on that cause frustration and negative emotions. The realization came about because of my own real life experiences.

I discovered how closely tied my physical pain was to my emotional state over things that seemed totally unrelated to my health issue. I began to notice how my symptoms would go away when I was feeling better about other things in life.

You can’t separate the two because now we know that energy is the problem in both, not the physical thing that is seen by the human eye. And when stress with work, money, relationships or anything else builds up, they lead to more feelings of hopelessness or fear in one form or another.

I used to experience those feelings every day of my life and the results were more headaches, back problems and many other physical things. That happens when the immune system isn’t given a fighting chance to do its job and keep us healthy.

Constant negative feelings means constant stress and the release of stress chemicals. It’s your brain’s job to sense even the smallest possibility of danger and warn you. It is how it is made and you don’t control that. It becomes a viscous cycle when life isn’t going all that great. Something has to give.

We all have different weaknesses that may have been passed on through the generations or maybe they started in this generation. But when they show up, most people just accept whatever they have been told they have or they think only of medication to relieve the symptoms.

But I have come to believe, through personal experience, that that line of thinking and acceptance is very wrong. I don’t encourage anyone to ignore medical care when you need it. But I do encourage you to consider work that changes limiting beliefs that are programmed into your subconscious. They may be causing the stress that causes the issue to show up and become something you must deal with.

Thinking plays a huge roll and is the start of a domino effect. Thoughts affect energy but thankfully, thoughts and energy can be changed. I’ve learned to do it and have seen incredible results for years now. Sometimes I can heal just by shifting the energy through the use of my thoughts and some mental practices I use but whenever I need it, I turn to my vibrational healing techniques.

Once I accepted what science has easily proven with advancements in technology and electron microscopes, an exciting new world entered my life and changed everything. That world is referred to as “energy medicine” or “vibrational medicine.” New science and new technology allows us to look into anything physical and see that the physical appearance disappears and what appears are frequencies of energy.

So the bottom line is that every single thing in existence has a frequency of energy associated with it. The fastest way to change something that appears physical is to go to the source and shift it there.

It might be strange to think like this in the beginning but every thing in the world, including your body, boils down to frequencies of energy. So energy is the root cause of things and if you think in terms of shifting the energy (with specific tools and techniques-not wishful thinking in your head), then you are working with the source of the issue. Healing can actually happen instantaneously when you shift energy at the source of the problem.

I’m still a work in progress and haven’t run out of things to work on personally yet, but I have seen such astounding results with so many things that I know the place to look is at memories, emotions and beliefs and not at the thing that shows up physically.

Back in 1989, I became a believer in alternative methods of healing. My mind opened up the day I practically crawled into a practitioner’s office with back pain and walked out upright and feeling like a human being again. He said he was working with my bodies energy system. I didn’t understand it or need to. All I knew was that I was in intense pain, he held certain points on my body and a couple of hours later, my pain was gone. No pills, no cracking or adjusting or anything like what seemed reasonable to me in order to feel better. Just energy work!

Desperate feelings had driven me to the point where I was willing to try anything and am I ever glad about that now. The results from this form of energy work were impressive enough that I kept trying out other things along that line. Sometimes it involved tapping or holding certain points or focusing energy from my hands or doing movements with my eyes after identifying a memory or feeling. Sometimes I did the work myself and sometimes someone else worked on me. I stuck with it and slowly but surely, my life improved dramatically.

One after the other, my worst health issues disappeared. And that changed my attitude about everything and opened new possibilities for my life.

I could go on and on and tell you about my lower back, carpal tunnel, headaches, food allergies, chronic fatigue and inability to get up and have energy in the morning, depression, anxiety attacks, and the list goes on and on. But they all magically went away when I continued to do energy work, meaning vibrational healing of the source of the problem. I used techniques and tools that worked on shifting the reason there were negative emotions in the first place.

My body stopped spending so much time in stress or prolonged fight or flight mode. That allowed me to be in a state of coherence where everything in my body functioned at a higher level. Then I was able to focus my energy on my vision of where my life was headed instead of always having my attention go to the pain and problems of everyday life.

And this is exactly what can happen for you too.

You don’t always have to use energy work to reach your goal but there are times when it can be the answer. I offer many options in my success coaching programs so you have tools, techniques and a step by step process that will help you get where you want to go in life, ASAP.

Sometimes the best place to start is with my TFS audio coaching program to get a better understanding of the process, why it is so effective and how to use it. I call my process Triangle For Success, TFS, and it shows you how to work with what you T-think/talk about, what you F-feel and what you S-see in your mind’s eye. Then you may want to add some coaching if you need some help designing your own personal action steps.

Some of the results I have gotten by working with this formula are miraculous but I have come to believe that miracles like that should be commonplace for all of us.

I’m here to coach you and support you so you see that in your own life. It will happen if you take charge of your T-F-S and make this formula a way of life that becomes second nature. You begin to live in the mode of proactively creating the life you desire with your thoughts and energy. Gone will be the days of accepting and living with what shows up as if there is no other choice.

Once that happens, you will know you always have that option. That feeling is empowering and will be with you for the rest of your life.