Heaven Is For Real For Others Too

Some Of Us Have More Of A Spiritual Than Religious Experience.

Light-DP150I am constantly contacted by people who have great interest in near death experience stories and they seem to relate to the spiritual experience I had.  Strangely enough, even though I claimed to be an atheist at the time of my car wreck, I stood before a Presence that showered me with Unconditional Love.  I was never shown those pearly gates I’d heard so much about or threatened that I’d be locked out.

Some people don’t like to hear that but all I can do is give an honest account of my experience.

I think many people have connected with the little boy’s story in the book “Heaven Is For Real,” and have felt comforted by it.  I’m very happy about that if it has helped people.  But that just wasn’t even close to the experience I had that was similar to what many others speak about.  With so many people, it was all about the Light, the loving Presence and the indescribable feeling of Unconditional Love.  There are many that speak of the connection they felt to that powerful Source Of Love and Light.

In my opinion, no right, no wrong. They are just our own experiences.  I am open to the idea that “God” or “Source” or “The Universe” or whatever name you choose to call your Higher Power, isn’t exactly what any of us has experienced or believes about it.

I felt like knowledge had been downloaded that my mind couldn’t even begin to truly comprehend as words or explain in the language we deal with here on planet Earth. So I think that “The Light” or Presence I stood before is bigger and more complex than we are capable of fully understanding.

Any one of us can go within and connect with the wisdom of our own Higher Self and come away with meaningful insight for moving forward.  That’s really all we need-forward progress that closes the gap between here and that place where everything feels just right.

I awoke in the hospital hearing the words “Seek Truth and Knowledge” as if those words had been seared into my mind.  It seemed important to do that so…

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