Energy WorkI learned the value of energy work years ago out of desperation. I had a life changing problem and had to figure out how to fix it. My lower back had gone into spasm one day out of the blue, and that day changed my life. I was no longer able to do many of the activities that had been central to my very existence.

From that point on, at any given moment and with the slightest movement, my lower back would get agitated, go into spasm and it would be at least a month before I was able to stand up straight or sit comfortably.

My life was over, at least that’s what it felt like.

And then I heard about a man who was working with the body’s energy system and healing back problems similar to mine. So I traveled quite a distance to see him. It seemed like a miracle that I was able walk away feeling like a different person. And it all happened through a simple process where he worked with points on my body that dealt with my energy flow.

It opened my mind to a world that is sometimes referred to as energy medicine, vibrational medicine, vibrational healing, energy healing, energy psychology, among other things.

I found that by using techniques, I could create a shift inside and feel peaceful whenever I wanted. I gained the sense of control that I had been missing and over a period of time, my back pain completely disappeared.

Vibrational healing had given me my life back along with being able to have a lower back that felt pretty normal.  As I continued to heal the emotions that caused stress, my physical symptoms literally fell away for everything from migraine headaches, to backaches to carpal tunnel syndrome, colds, flu, panic attacks and more.

So I trained in different modalities of energy work, honed my skills and got to the place where my results were pretty predictable. They became commonplace.

Everything I was seeing brought me full circle with what I had come to understand in my NDE. Our emotions are powerful and have a huge impact on what becomes life as we know it. If your thoughts and emotions are not under your control, you simply must get control of them.

I wouldn’t wish the life review I saw and had to re-experience on anyone!

Imagine stepping outside of yourself and watching you at your worst moments. I’ve never gotten over what that felt like. That’s why I encourage you to do all you can while you’ve got the chance. The time to create a better life review is now.

Contact me for a free consultation to see if the techniques I use and teach can help you lower your stress, change the way life feels and find that you no longer live with pain either.  When you understand what’s been discovered, it will all make sense.

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