How To Manifest Health With This Formula

I Use This Formula Instead Of Fearing The Latest Health Scare

If you want to use your power to manifest better health and more energy, start by monitoring your thoughts and beliefs.  Wouldn’t you rather feed your mind your own empowering information instead of feeding it fear because of predictions you’ve heard?

I have an exact process that kicks into gear immediately  so I don’t get sick.  And when i use it, it works.

You can do exactly what I do at the first hint of a cold, flu or anything else unpleasant.  Of course, get the medical care you normally would, but use the power of your mind at the same time. Stop the fear thoughts that are there and replace them with something that is beneficial to you.

It makes such a difference when you focus your energy on manifesting health rather than focusing your co-creating mind on the scary predictions you hear on the news and in commercials.

You are powerful!

Watch the video below and think about applying this same formula next time…