How To Manifest With The Law Of Attraction

Do You Ever Even Consider This Point? (See Video Below)

Many people would like to know how to manifest desires and feel more powerful and effective.  You hear a lot about the Law Of Attraction with the focus on thinking about what you want and attracting it into your life. There’s good reason why that doesn’t do the trick all the time.

You have to look at the good, the  bad and the ugly if you really want to advance on your path of resonating desires tuning forkpersonal empowerment. That is, until you have fully mastered the art of manifesting.  Mastering anything means you know what to do when things aren’t going as you’d like.  It means you have acquired skills that you can use on auto-pilot in stressful situations.

The point I make in the video below is vital to success.  If you don’t understand it, it can be the frustrating reason you take one step forward and 2 steps back.  I run into roadblocks just like everyone else.  But I just use my TFS formula, choose my tools and get to work shifting what needs to shift!  Then the White Light Method comes into play as I resonate my intended message out into The Field. Sometimes it is quick and easy, sometimes it requires much more effort. But I like knowing I’m walking in the right direction. As long as that’s the case, I know I’ll get there.

As you increase your personal power and ability to manifest, you’d better be decreasing the power behind your negative thoughts and emotions.  They are roadblocks with a kick that can sometimes even catapult you backwards instead of forwards to the life you’d like to be living.

Pay attention to how often you find your thoughts on things that bring about an uncomfortable feeling.  That feeling in your body is a clue that leads to the answers you need in order to create lasting changes and become a Manifesting Master.