Manifesting Law of Attraction Step By Step Example

There are myths and mistakes made for manifesting and law of attraction.  This video shows how to manifest desires with the steps that cause it to work. In my surveys, the 2 things that come out on top are finances and health issues. So I often reference those things but this process is a way of life that works for so much more. Having your needs taken care of and feeling at peace about finances is important but having inner peace regarding all areas of your life is what we all want.

When you understand how to use the steps, it is empowering, no matter what is going on.

What does it mean to manifest desires?

When I talk about manifesting something, I am referring to those times when you create an intention or identify a goal that you intend to make physical.  It starts as a thought and somehow makes its way into your life.  It becomes a part of your reality from what seems to be a creation in your mind.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have to take action but it doesn’t mean you do either.  What is important is taking “inspired action.” You pay attention to your promptings and take action on the ones that feel right.

But often, things just show up, and that says to me that you don’t ALWAYS have to do something physical to make something physical appear.  Sometimes it just seems to manifest itself out of thin air, which is really energy, the thing at the foundation of every “thing.”

You have a great advantage when you want to manifest law of attraction when you think energy, vibration,  and pay attention to your resonance rather than focusing on physical objects.  Focus on how you will feel when it manifests, feel that more than anything else and something will show up that causes you to feel that way, for real.