Teri Rose Is an Online Life Coach, Working By Phone or On the Web.

Teri helps her clients work with new scientific discoveries and a simple yet powerful 3 step formula. Her process helps identify the best direction to go while also identifying mental blocks and unwanted programming so they can be dissolved.  You can transforms fears, worries and unwanted, sabotaging behavior into powerful energy that can be focused for faster healing, peak performance and personal empowerment.

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Monthly Coaching With A Weekly Session

These are 3 basic packages I offer and they are here to give you a general idea of what happens during the coaching sessions. But we will decide what is best for you and adjust things accordingly.  There are any number of ways to create a package that is the best fit for you, generally starting at $497/mo for weekly sessions.  However, there are other possibilities for reduced rates for coaching addons if you have one of my Do-It-Yourself Digital Coaching Programs.  That could be one of my older programs or my new all-inclusive White Light Method of Manifesting Miracles.

Personal Coaching Package 1: We will start by creating a strategy and identifying the steps you will take in order to travel the shortest path to the life or circumstances you are working towards. I will teach you how to use energy work in the TFS process but Package 1 doesn’t actually go into the deeper work that is included in Packages 2 and 3. But this is a good place to start if your budget is a concern and you will go away knowing what to do on your own.

Personal Coaching Package 2: Package 1 with the addition of deeper work for finding subconscious blocks or unwanted behavior that affects health and/or success with your goals. This package includes energy work to clear the blocks, dissipate or stop the activation of feelings and behavior that holds you back.

Personal Coaching Package 3: We assess where you are and then work together to find the next best steps for you as we are guided by information that comes from within. You do not have to know how to make that connection because I am able to make that connection and offer energetic support to you as your own abilities develop. And there is no pressure to develop that ability if that doesn’t interest you. But if it does, it will happen naturally as your stress lowers and your awareness heightens. You will begin to notice that you feel guided in certain directions.

We will be putting our heads together and working as a team to discover the next best steps for your fastest path so you quickly get where you want to go. This is not anything like a psychic reading, although we will be creating intentions for the desired results and asking for information and guidance to come to our conscious awareness. We will be tapping into, or connecting with a source of higher wisdom and information and looking for insight. It is a sacred connection that allows information that is for “the highest good” to come to the conscious mind in answer to the intentions created. My intention is to help and support you as you develop and/or strengthen your ability to do that on your own.

We will need to speak for a few minutes to be sure there is a good fit to work together. That allows me to “get a feel for things” so I am reasonably sure that I can be of good service to you. So please feel free to contact me if you are seriously considering personal coaching.

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