Teri Rose Life CoachThe people I’ve worked with are the best ones to tell you about the effectiveness of the work I do with them. The Teri Rose reviews and testimonials below are from clients who have used one or more of my coaching programs – the White Light Method, TFS Formula audio coaching, Steppingstone Coaching workshops, teleseminars, group or personal coaching.

Understandably so with the type of coaching I do, many clients don’t want their full names made public online. All testimonials are from my real clients and their contact information is on file. Some of them are happy to speak with you by phone to talk more about their personal experience of working with me. The feedback I receive is one of few things I value as priceless. Below is a sampling of it from clients I’ve worked with around the world.

I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from working with Teri. It has been an enlightening experience from which I have gained an applicable knowledge that will be useful to me for the rest of my life. She has graciously worked with me as an energy coach to help me better deal with and even rid myself of the psychological and physiological effects of past traumatic events.

I feel that I can now handle life’s difficult times much better and with a happiness, peace and motivation I have not felt in over 30 years. It has been a ‘team’ approach working with her as she really makes the effort to keep me on track and holds nothing back while imparting her vast knowledge.

Many times I have been really blown away with her intuitive insight on personal matters that she had no previous knowledge of whatsoever. This ‘insight’ has been a very useful tool in her success as a healer as I can attest to first hand.

I am very pleased with my decision to have worked with Teri and would say that she is in the 1% of the top 1% of those in her field of expertise!

Frank Reilly

Words cannot adequately describe the transformation in my life since I met Teri Rose in March 2010. At that time I was at my wits end, living a life controlled by fear and guilt which had led to depression and anxiety.

I began working extensively with Teri utilizing her amazing techniques of TFS, the Tool Box and of course, the energy work. Teri’s patient approach of keeping me on track in doing the work, especially the energy work changed my life forever — and for the better.

I never would have believed such a peaceful existence was possible. For 49 years I only knew one thing and that was to live in fear. Today I feel transformed and live a life of self confidence and inner peace. Because of my healing I believe I now can help others and without Teri’s caring attitude, spiritual insights and guidance I would not be here today saying that.

I do not have enough room in this testimonial to describe the magnificent changes that I have experienced first hand in my life. Everyone deserves to feel good about life and live life with passion. I believe if I can change, anyone can. -DC

Teri, I am so very thankful for your expertise! Through your coaching, I had a life-changing experience that I’ve been searching for, for 36 years. I’m still in process, with lots of work to do, but it was absolutely worth the investment I made to be coached by you, one on one. Thank you so much! Janet Mc Muscle Shoals, AL

Teri, I would have lost it through this ordeal I’ve been going through if I wasn’t working with you. Your coaching helped me use your TFS process in the most effective way so I stayed focused on my goal and not on the things that were so frustrating. You really hit the nail on the head and helped me find things I needed to clear with the energy work that I never would have found on my own.

And now things seem to be going in a very positive direction. I attribute it all to working with you and using your process. Working with you helped me stop feeling like I was a hamster running in a cage.

Your process is a step by step thing and you have to know the steps and increase your skill level but there isn’t anything hard about the process. Everything you have to do is really simple. Once you get used to using it, you know exactly what to do when you hit a problem. You have an immediate way to redirect your energy so it is working for you instead of against you. Thanks. -JMG

I discovered Teri Rose in 2008 as the result of a Google search for near death experiences. I quickly identified her as a person of substance and integrity; someone I felt like I could trust. But one of the primary reasons why I began to follow Teri is because she was able to help me understand several of my personal experiences that had occurred at various times throughout my life. In particular, she helped me understand why I was able to manifest sometimes and not at other times. She has thee formula!

My testimony of Teri’s formula and her techniques increased after I purchased Triangle Formula For Success and received personal coaching from Teri. For example: About ten minutes after one coaching session, I had a remarkable experience as the direct result of Teri’s energy work on my behalf even though I was unaware that she was doing this for me! I was standing in my kitchen working when suddenly I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my chest this was a literal physical sensation while simultaneously feeling a distinct shift in my energy and the presence of peace filled me. This was not a flash experience but one that settled on me for a long period of time. Although we live in different states I had felt the effect of Teri’s energy work and contacted her and asked if she had been thinking about me or doing something!

Lynne Erickson Valle
26 June 2014

Teri is one of the most genuine, sincere people I’ve come across in this field. She’s passionate about what she does because she’s worked her way through extreme difficulties – and she truly wants others to benefit from what she’s learned. If you’re looking for the “perfectly packaged for quick consumption, pie-in-the-sky” sort of guidance you should probably look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you want to feel like you just had a heart-to-heart with a down-to-earth, “real” person who can give you very practical suggestions – Teri’s probably your kind of help. CS-Tennessee

Recently I have been working on Teri’s TFS Formula and I have been impressed with how she pulls everything together in a simple and easy to understand way that is also effective. – Judy from Arizona

Hi Teri! There is so much stuff on the internet, promising help, and until you read page after page of promises, you only get a price tag. You are so different!. There is so much information for free. This is why I trust you and purchased the “Triangle Formula for Success” – and it is great and so worth it’s money. We all have to eat – you too! – Dagmar

Teri Rose is an amazing coach and her Steppingstones to Success program has been incredibly beneficial to me. I had planned to sign up for the program, but when it started, I had just had several surgeries and had been diagnosed with cancer so I was not going to do it. Teri personally urged me to take it, saying that I needed it even more because of the crisis I was in. I am so grateful that she encouraged me! It has really helped my life to flow even in the circumstances I am currently facing.

Using her Triangle Formula for Success, I have been able to not only face fears, but also bring magic into my life. The information and solutions that I seek flow in when using her method. The techniques have given me a way to cope with small everyday upsets as well as larger ones like pain. I am now able to shift from fear to peace and joy. I very highly recommend this program! I am so grateful to you, Teri! Love, Tamara TN

I want to let you know my general observations about your program. I would say it is very high quality. I have listened to Brian Tracy’s work and your work is comparable. I have listened to all of the tracks, some twice and I am working with the steps you outline. Very good info. -Gary Klacking

First things first — you should use my words as a testimony to the effectiveness of the work you are doing!!! I can’t tell you all of the synchronicities that have stemmed from this. Suffice it to say that it’s been amazing to witness the changes in my life. So TFS is a part of the fiber of my being and existence — no separation. That means not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. I’m holding you in the light. YOU’RE DOING GOOD WORK TERI ROSE. YOU ARE MAKING A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE. God bless you. I love you in a way that is inexplicable to me right now. Nevertheless, the spirit understands. With a grateful heart, -Lisa Lanham, MD

I will start by saying that I had suffered from anxiety my whole life. When I began working with Teri about three months ago, my life had reached an extreme state of chaos. Anxiety and chaos were nothing new to me however but I had learned to put up with it. Prior to Teri I had been to so many counsellors and therapists to try and figure things out that I lost count. Nothing seemed to work. I have always exercised and kept myself in good physical condition as that helped quiet the stress of day to day life.

Teri’s wonderful gift and coaching using energy work has changed my life dramatically. Teri has been a blessing to me and my family. She is honest, empathetic and caring. She is kind and thoughtful and truly possesses a special gift. – Daryl

Thanks so much for the chance to review your material. Plain and simple, you teach reality, and you teach it in a way that is truly accessible by just about anyone. Your presentation of the material is thorough and clear, laying a solid yet nontechnical scientific foundation for the principles you work with. You provide background for those who want to research the ideas further, and you do all this with gentleness and respect for your clients. Your integrity and passion to help others selflessly shows in all your material.

Your approach is about the furthest it could possibly be from a hyped-up sales pitch. If anyone wants the real deal, delivered with love, understanding, and in such a clear understandable way that it is nearly impossible to fail, they need look no further, because this is, in fact, the real deal.

This is not your ordinary coaching. This is a true holistic system that will change the life of anyone who chooses to work with you. – Rev. Dr. S. James Webb, MMsc., D.D. Holistic Life Coach

Dear Teri, Thank-you for the wealth of information that you have provided me with I AM EAGER TO IMPLEMENT THEM IN MY LIFE! You have been a source to provide solutions and consolation and for this I KNOW YOU WILL BE REWARDED WITH YOUR EFFORTS IN TRYING TO BRING YOUR LIGHT TO THE WORLD ONE PERSON AT A TIME! Love and Blessings, -Virginia

My life is so dramatically different these days, and I’m still adjusting big-time. Truly it is all good. I’m practicing and gigging with 2 bands, I have a new job, and joy, love, and peace and freedom from fear unlike I ever imagined….And you were a big part of the transformation, Teri – you always have a special place in my heart. – Marion

Other than my wife, Teri Rose has got to be the most inspirational woman I have ever met. Whether it’s Teri’s method of explaining, suggesting or just talking, it always seems as though it’s coming from a voice of experience. But what’s most amazing about Teri is the passion that comes from her in all these areas. -Mac Caldwell

Teri, My life has changed so much since using your program that I wanted to let you know what a difference it has made. I have always had a high paying job but that was accompanied with a lot of responsibility, employee issues and stressful situations in the work place. Applying what you have taught on your calls for successful outcomes with my career has allowed me to stay calm in the midst of turmoil. I can stay focused on the results I want as I work toward it.

I had my doubts at first but the resolution of difficult situations at work, a promotion, and increase in salary, have resulted since I have been working with you and applying what I have learned. I can tell such a difference in all aspects of my life. I continue to notice how often I stay calm and peaceful in situations that use to make me feel out of control. Thanks for sharing your process with me. – JM

I met Teri Rose for the first time just a few short months ago, but I have come to know her as a sincere, kind, thoughtful and very knowledgeable lady. She has been instrumental in helping me with a major problem dealing with fear and after only a short conversation with her regarding this difficulty, I was able to overcome it to a significant degree. I know with the continued help I receive from Teri, I will be 100% free from the fear that has troubled me.

Teri really cares about people and that comes through loud and clear in all my dealings with her. I recommend her coaching wholeheartedly. She is a person with integrity and she genuinely wants to help others. You will not find a more caring personal life coach than Teri Rose. – Jan S. Vancouver Island, Canada.

Each time I am on your calls I am filled with admiration. I can’t get over your sincerity, the amount of work you’ve done on yourself, your discipline and also your candidness and generosity in sharing what you do about yourself. It helps us so much. And yet, you do it totally professionally and in a way that your caring comes through on the phone. I truly am grateful in the gift I have been given in being able to listen to you. That alone has brought healing into my life. I consider your calls to be so valuable, such an important part of my life. – Rae S New York

Teri, I always get so much out of your calls. Your explanations are always so clear and beneficial. You make me think in depth about so many things. My conversations with you stick in my head and I think about them later. I can relate to the numerous things you talk about. Sometimes I see people that are successful and think they were born with everything handed to them and I think that they haven’t had to struggle. Then I hear about all the challenges they really went through, such as your experiences. Knowing you had lower points in your life and changed your life tremendously, is SO encouraging.

I would like you to know that because of your courage to share your personal stories, you have been a great inspiration to me. When I hear stories like yours, it’s a real eye opener. It makes me realize that my life can improve greatly too. It’s so nice to know that you understand what I and others are going through. I really appreciate your honesty, insight and guidance. I feel very blessed to have connected with you. Thank you! – Jean Alberta, Canada

Teri is an extraordinary individual whom I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing for more than fifteen years. I have had the opportunity to see Teri grow both professionally and personally as she hones her skills through constant study and application of the modalities she learns.

Teri has always had an instinctive understanding of the human condition. She demonstrates an innate and uncanny ability to help those of us she coaches in the process of self discovery. She coaches us in recognizing both the issues that block the goals we have determined when doing personal goal setting and the opportunities for success that present themselves and go unnoticed.

Teri has a gentle, understanding and compassionate but firm when necessary manner. Under her guidance, we are able to discover and work toward goals that will result in true happiness instead of settling for things that get in the way of attaining our heart’s desires. She is patient and dogged in her determination to insure that her clients get the results they are looking for.

I am grateful that I have had Teri in my life. She has been an invaluable asset to my growth and development in both my personal and professional life. Her positive and supportive attitude makes it easy to connect with Teri and she seems to inspire the best in those she coaches. – A Yeager Houston, Texas

Dear Teri, I just want to take this time to thank you so much for your guidance and direction as I continue my journey to heal from past events that present stumbling blocks toward my future success. Your kind but firm training has helped me more than you can know. Your passion to help others is quite obvious as we work together. Your care and concern for me has been such a blessing.

My progress is exciting to me. I will highly recommend you as a coach to anyone who desires to make solid changes in their life. Anyone who desires to change and who will take the time to learn from your vast knowledge will see progress. Thank you again for your training and support. Sincerely, -Jana Cardona

Hello Teri: I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you have been sharing with us on our weekly calls. As you know, I’m a retired person that is still active in multiple business pursuits. While I would consider my professional life a success, I’ve always thought I could do better. My threshold of anxiety was pretty close to the surface, and this resulted in lots of self-generated stress and a significant loss of “Joy” in my life.

The techniques you’ve shared to identify the root causes of this stress have been very effective. They give me an opportunity to work on issues as they are identified AND I can work on them one at a time. My vision of the future is bright and clearer than ever. I’m looking forward to the future with greater anticipation and an assurance that I can have the “Joy” that was missing. With warmest regards, -Bob Kleppe Southern California

Teri has a talent for being able to draw from personal experience, yet be impartial in giving advice that is not slanted or prejudiced, but objective in every way. Another talent that is apparent to me is her compassion. Teri can empathize with the problems of others and really “feels” for them in every sense. This produces a comfort level when trying to express yourself to someone who can easily relate to what you are saying. Her responses resonate in perfect harmony with your thought processes. A conversation that flows in that manner is much more productive than one where there may be conflict, barriers or tension, due to misunderstandings.

She uses a very highly developed imagination to illustrate her points in the conversations. Teri can reduce complicated concepts to simple terms and illustrate it in a way that makes you think, “Oh, now I get it!” She also makes the point that when you do “get it”, you will have it for the rest of your life. A comforting thought. – Norm Philadelphia, PA

Your coaching on Tuesday nights has been invaluable. The way you use your own examples, the way you share with all of us on the calls, how to work through these things and how things do bubble up so you can clear them and then focus on what you do want in your life. Your calls have been key to my success. – Patti Arizona

I had the pleasure of learning about Teri Rose and found her to be a compassionate, caring coach who truly cares about people. She readily shares her experiences as a way to demonstrate that you too can accomplish your dreams! I found Teri direct while simultaneously gentle in her approach. Her stories resonate with listeners and you can easily apply what she teaches. Teri’s forte is assisting people to transform their lives — she shows you how to go from where you are to create a life that you absolutely cherish! -ARR Columbus, Ohio

My experience of the TFS and SteppingStone to Success Coaching. Since coming across Teri Rose’s TFS programme I have to say it has cleared up so many of the questions that would naturally come up for people trying to figure out this whole LOA “stuff”. Teri Rose does not teach laziness nor “wishful thinking” Teri Rose gives people a true way-of-life formula that ANYONE can apply. The TFS formula will truly provide everything you need to make a drastic change in your life and from experience, really is the case. I urge anyone who is second guessing the programme.

You will find so many HIGH PROMISING programmes online. I came across and paid for so many programmes that i thought was what i needed. It WASN’T! At the end of the day people live life by three simple things. And those, when are taken into conscious control will provide results that i still cant thank Teri Rose enough for.

You owe it to yourself to live your best life and Teri Rose is genuinely committed to helping people get there. I can speak first hand from speaking to Teri Rose that her heart shines through beyond the MONEY SCHEMEs that you may find online these days. Just give it a shot. Anyway, thank you Teri Rose and a message to anyone who stumbled on this programme has found the “holy grail” of LOA programmes. – K London

Teri, I’ve learned a lot from all of the interesting information in your program and things keep improving now that I am using the techniques. I’m especially happy that my golf game has improved. Thanks. – Tim Nashville TN

I am appreciative of all your support and advice. It is apparent that you are very knowledgeable and are passionate about what you do. I thank you so much for your time and patience and I look forward to incorporating some of your strategies in my everyday life. all the best….


Teri Rose and her TFS system are AMAZING! I experienced a profound life change in less than 1 week, and my life continues to get steadily better every day. Every morning, I wake up with a sense of expectancy and excitement about what the new day will bring.

I not only SEE the changes manifesting in my business and physical surroundings… I also FEEL the changes taking root in my inner being. I am finally enjoying the peace and joy that occurs when you KNOW (no doubts!) that your life can be exactly what you want it to be. HC TN

Dear Teri, I am amazed by how much I took away from our first coaching session! I’d known for years that something was blocking my healing but I could never pin point exactly what it was. I wondered if it were a sin, a belief . . . I had no idea. So it was HUGE for me when you helped me identify the block.

Thank you!


I have never seen a program like Triangle Formula for Success. Your explanations and examples are very helpful. Before TFS, I was never sure what I should see when I visualized a goal but now I understand different things I can do. I like the exercises you give so I can practice and get better at it. Last week I was working with the 3 areas and focusing them on my business goal, and within a couple of days I acquired some new business and additional income.

The program is helping me accomplish the things I have been dreaming about for myself and my family and I’m just getting started. I feel like there is no limit to what I can accomplish. Thanks. – Cliff Portland OR

Hello. My name is Dannie Duncan. I suffered a mild nervous breakdown many years ago.

I healed myself after years of searching and studying healing techniques, and even wrote a book about it – entitled, You Will Be Ok I Promise.

However – I wanted to take my life to the next level by learning to become a Master Manifester. It was then that I found Teri Rose.

I hired her coaching services and started to see results within the first two weeks. My back pain was healed, I started to see so-called coincidences daily, I felt calmer, my husband and I got along better, money appeared when I needed it, and more…

I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks will bring!! I highly recommend Teri’s services. She is the real deal.

Kind Regards,

Dannie Duncan

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