The Power Of Belief And Expectation-Here’s Proof

Amazing Study Knocked My Socks Off!

I find that most people have no idea that there is hard evidence that shows how powerful your beliefs and expectations are.

So often I hear people setting themselves up for a self-fulfilled prophesy.  Infinite Possibilities for everything exist. Just because someone shares their idea of what the future will bring, it means nothing unless you let it become your belief and expectation.

No matter what I’m told, what I am always saying to myself is, “Yes, that is certainly one possibility, but there are also an infinite number of others.”  Then I focus my mind and heart power on the one I prefer.  It’s remarkable how many times I actually get results that others think are impossible!

You can do that too.  Please do that next time and then convince yourself that you really do have powerful gifts.  You could be taking advantage of them to make your world and the big world a better place.