What Mental Programming Runs In Your Head?

Profound Results From A Simple Process Done Consistently

Your mental programming can be the silent dream killer because you may be unknowingly running on programs instilled by others from their beliefs. If you wonder why your life doesn’t feel as good as you’d like, there are probably things going on below the level of your conscious awareness.

Your mental programming is an area you should look into.  The changes in my own life have been profound.  That is what drove me to become an online life coach so I could help others find those hidden beliefs and get rid of the destructive energy they create.

It is something that is real and powerful. The majority of people are affected by old negative programming.  It makes sense when you realize that you are like a sponge that absorbs other people’s beliefs quite easily.  It is especially easy up until about the age of 6 according to experts, because your brain waves are in the lower range where information is more easily absorbed.

I ran across this older long video about mental programming. I’m sharing it because the points I made about those programs are really important if your goals aren’t manifesting.  There is a process I use myself and that I teach clients or do with them. Be aware that there are 2 sides to the coin.  Your beliefs can work against you but they are also a very strong force that supports you when fed to your brain on purpose.

If you let yourself run on auto-pilot, you are probably just referencing things that cause more negative energy and blocks to goals. But if you choose to feed specific information to your brain, it will believe that as well. That is what takes you down the path that leads where you want your life to go.

When I shot this video, I had just found “the motherload.” I shared it with hope it could help you too…