Do You Ever Invite The White Light?

My Visiting Orbs Seemed Pretty Playful This Time!

Meditating, visualizing, and inviting the White Light to guide me to the best decision was what I had done that day. And then something tangible happened that seems like it came as a result of creating that intention. Little balls of White Light started darting all around my office.

When these little orbs have shown up in a big way, it always seems to be after feeling very connected with the Light through prayer, meditation and/or intentions to receive guidance.  I see them every so often, but this time, just like the first time, they put on a great display. It’s not easy to keep a straight face when they are zooming around between my face and the camera. I didn’t do a great job with that this time.

I want to mention that if this truly concerns you or creates fear like it does with some people, please don’t worry.  Just don’t watch it. I say that because I was very surprised by the reaction of a friend that I told about my first experience with my visiting orbs.  He burst my bubble with his negativity. So I mostly keep these things to myself. 

My feeling is that only Light can come when you truly focus on it and feel the vibration of Love in your heart. There is a very distinct feeling and sense of danger your heart gives you when it is warning you about something.  This is not that!  I think of these orbs as my little “spiritual buddies” that come to offer support.

Side Note: I’m getting bolder with what I share because every day it becomes more apparent that we must bring Light to the planet.  We need to step up our power, connect with the Light and use the power of intention and our gifts like I talk about in the video while we still can.  We are intended to heal and manifest solutions to the world’s problems. We can shift the violence by letting the Light and Love shine through us.  We have to stop being afraid to use our power and start using it to make the world a safe place to live again.

In trying to learn more about orbs, I discovered the work of Dr. Klauss Heinemann, co-author of “The Orb Project.” He has done extensive research on these intriguing little balls of Light. I was especially interested in seeing what he had to say when I discovered that he worked as a scientist at NASA and UCLA and also as a research professor at Stanford University.

Below is a review of the book on Amazon by Lynne McTaggart.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

“A well-researched examination of a remarkable modern phenomena, with enormous implications for our current scientific story and indeed our current sense of the possible.” — Lynne McTaggart, author of the bestellers, The Field and The Intention Experiment

Klaus Heinemann

Klaus Heinemann“There is no doubt in my mind that the orbs may well be one of the most significant ‘outside of this reality’ phenomena mankind has ever witnessed.”


After literally stumbling into orbs appearing as bright as light bulbs in photographs I was taking at a spiritual retreat, I immediately sensed that I was onto something profound. There was no choice for me but to convince myself that my notion was on solid ground. I looked at thousands of pictures I had taken earlier, and thousands more would be taken to test the hypothesis that these light circles are nothing less than emanations from Spirit beings.

KLAUS HEINEMANN, PhD, was born and educated in Germany and holds a Ph.D. in experimental physics from the University of Tübingen. Dr. Heinemann worked for many years in materials science research at NASA, UCLA, and as research professor at Stanford University. He is the co-author, along with Míceál Ledwith, of The Orb Project.


NOTE: I recorded this video November 26, 2015 but backdated it on my website so it wouldn’t appear on the front page. I get criticism from people calling themselves “Christians” who don’t act very “Christ-like” so sometimes I prefer to just quietly enjoy my experiences.  ( I know many Christians who aren’t like that.  They live it, love others and don’t judge and condemn others, so I don’t intend to offend to anyone.)